Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

Its a blue moon tonight!  

What does that mean?  No its not actually blue - its the second full moon in a month ~ sometimes referred to as a Goal Moon....hmmm hint hint....
Also have photo shoot on September 28th for the calendar...

So with that in mind - I am back to watching you tube videos and having BandedWendy yell at me.  

Plan for today 

Morning Shake
Atkins Shake
Fruit Salad 
Atkins shake

Mountain Bike

Lite dinner -


  1. Why have I *just* found bandedwendy?!? I'm watching her yell at me, too, and it's just what I need!

  2. what is this banded wendy? is she on you tube? is it fun yelling? I'm not really fond of being yelled at.
    I think full moons are pretty but even in a school clinic the crazies come out. I thought I was done with that when I went into school nursing, but I was a whole lot of wrong on that point. Have a great weekend.

  3. I love BW! "IT IS I... BandedWendy!" Cracks me up every time.