Saturday, August 4, 2012

I can't handle the truth

Its true....I fell off the sugar wagon on my birthday - 1 week ago and the sugar binge has continued....WTF.   I wish that whenever I wanted sugar, a giant fist would appear and punch me in the face.....Um hello obvious addiction that does not serve me.... 

Moving is the first day of the rest of my life...I will only put goodness  into my body today.

Its been two days since I worked out - I'm calling it recovery days and its been hot as ass crack on bus in India up in here.  I have been floating in the bay after work - that kinda counts - right?

My friend met with my Dr the other day and is moving ahead on her lap band journey....I need to pull my S H together to be a good band buddy/mentor.  I'm just going to focus on two things - move my body and just say no to sugar - it does not serve my long term or short term goals

Remember my rant on the drivers here...well this is one guys solution - If I saw this in my rear view mirror I'd think twice about being a douche. 

My plan for today...liquids...
walk dogs on beach
morning shake
green juice 
some fruit
protein shake 
Swim instead of float
I have a cocktail party to go to tonight  so I'll plan ahead and eat first...


  1. hotter than a butt crack on a bus ride in India --- I will have to use this, that's awesome.

    sounds like a great plan!

  2. Now if I had one of them on top of my little car, people might get out of my way a bit quicker! lol.

  3. If you find the giant fist that will punch you when you want sugar please send it my way. I too have been on a sugar bender :(

  4. I know exactly what you mean about the sugar. It truly is a disease for me.

    Tomorrow is my birthday and I told my family no cake. And just two days ago it was my parents 61st anniversary and yours truly was in charge of buying the cake and icecream. I am happy to report I left the room and did not participate eating it. I knew if I did, I would go straight to self-loathing and there's nothing as bad as that feels.

    One thing that has really helped me is calcium supplements. I went several years wtihout taking my vitamins. I just recently started them again and it's helped tremendously with the sugar cravings.

    You are doing great because you've moved forward. And think protein, protein, protein.

    Oh and one more thing....sorry so long. I never drink these but when I saw "helps control cravings" I thought why not. Slim Fast Chocolate low carb ready to drink shakes. I will grab one of those and it kicks those sugar cravings/binges to the curb.


  5. I work on a miltary base. I am pretty used to seeing stuff like that in my mirror...maybe that's why everyone drives with manners on post :)

  6. lol at the giant fist. If only we were that lucky. Willpower is soooo difficult!

  7. Substitute with fresh fruit. Especially stuff that's in season. Watermelon really gets my motor running, and it has plenty of sugar! :)

  8. I swear to God, sugar is like heroin. Not that I've ever tried heroin, but you know what I mean! I have a 'don't break the seal' mentality with sugar...if I just say no to it, I won't want it as much. And if I keep saying no to it, gradually over time I want it less and less...sadly, this only works if you just don't eat it in the first place, but I completely understand how an event like your birthday can get you into a new "temporary" routine that becomes "normal", ya know?! Anyway, sounds like you have a good plan - and it was your birthday!!

  9. Remember that every day the sun rises is a new day to get it right. I know that last week was better for the sugar addiction than this week. I went without sugard 2 out of 7 days this week. Hopefully this week will be better.

    You got are a warrior!!

  10. I honestly wish I had some words of wisdom here. I am also a sugar addict......

  11. I am also a sugar addict. It grabs my hand and wants to be my BFF!

  12. I hate sugar. HATE it! Because I want it ALL of the damned time... And also, carbs..