Friday, August 24, 2012

PB2 ~ Verdict is in...

5:30 am - stumbling around in the dark to make my shake and get ready for a ride....
Bonus points for having a hangover and going anyway!

PB2 - is the bomb! 

This couple parked right in front of us and proceed to make out and almost have sex - gross - and he was busted and she was really hot and young - definitely a sugar daddy situation

Beach Party!

Couch in the sand

Morning shake - not with the gatoraid...

God awful early


  1. That is how I felt about 5:00 am today. God awful early. Why do we have to work? I would make a fabulous independently wealthy person. I have read your plan, so I know you'd rock being rich:)

  2. Ha- you took a picture of the couple making out. That's why I love you!!

  3. PB@ is da bomb. That is it? Nothing more!? Waa? I need deets. hehe. I tried ordering the stuff on Amazon and my order was cancelled because the supplier was out. What the?

    And eew on busted sugar daddy. Gross.

  4. LOL, I love that.

    Now I wanna go make out on the beach with my sugar daddy.

  5. I absolutely love the beach! Do you mind me asking what side you are on?(gulf, pacific, atlanta)

    And of course I had to click on the couple making out to see it bigger! lol(ducking in shame)

    I love the fire in the sand. I wish I was there! lol

    Looks like a great time.


  6. Love PB2..I tell everyone about it!