Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I need a fitness buddy to kick my ASS....

I've been trying to post for days -- and its just not here is the truth - I need a buddy.  I've lost my went away on vacation - no clue where it went, I hope somewhere nice and that when it comes back its all tan and happy and motivated.  I'm out of control on the candy/sugar wagon.  This is a reoccuring theme and I'm terrified that I'm going to wake up back at 241.

Yesterday I slept for 12 hours and last night I put in 10hours and DO NOT WANT to go to work.  
Can someone remind me how good it feels to loose weight and buy new fall clothes - because for some reason when I am faced with a decision between eating shit and just saying no - I seem to forget ...

Below is the post I was trying to write over the past few days - its a half assed attempt at fall fashion and what I did over the weekend...

My brain hurts.... Its easier to post photos

#1 Fall Fashion - I have no clothes ~ desperate to find my own style - I think its going to be a cross between this 

And the donna reed dress/kate spade dresses that I love...
Any thoughts....

I went to the Hamtpon Classic Horse show on Sunday to support my friends ~ its the official end of the summer here in the Hamptons - all the locals are totally fried and over the renters and visitors.   We even have celebrations on Labor Day ( Mimosa Monday ~ at the ocean, Tumbleweed Tuesday ~ at all the bars and then the famous AMF party at one of the local dive bars - it stands for Adios Mutha....Fu@#ers)  Don't get me wrong - we love the tourists - they keep our economy going but we also love to see them go, and get our little towns back to a more manageable population.

My old Boss Passed away this year and they renamed the Main Hunter Ring after her - it was a beautiful ceremony...

The Grand Prix tent - on Sunday it will be full of celebs and real housewives - I go for the people show....


  1. I'll kick you in the ass, if you will kick me! What is it about eating sugar that we think will make us feel better? IT NEVER WORKS! BLAH! I know, because I try... ALL.THE.TIME.

    I love the fall fashion. The pictures are adorable, and I know you would look rad in any of it!

  2. ahhh the pics are so darn pretty..I bet you get sick of the tourists...

  3. We need a circle for ass-kicks :)

    One day. You can do one day.

    One hour. Try that first. Then try the next hour. Then the next.

    Those dresses would - no, they WILL - look great on you!

    And WOOT! for end of summer and getting back to your regular routines!!

  4. Love both of those dresses!!!!

    WORK OUT - YOU CAN DO IT!!! I only say this because I recently got on a work out kick... 90% of the time I feel like you do now :)

  5. You just gotta move. And you know if girlfriend. Just put those legs in motion. Sleeping 12 hours and 10 hours is part of the problem. While it feels so damn amazing when you are doing it... you will feel miserable the rest of the half day you have left.

    You can do this. Snap out of it. Don't make me dig out a wire hanger!! ;)

  6. WOMAN! I told you I'd be your accountability person. I'm e-mailing you my number now. You betta use it!