Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Its dark out.....

5:30 in the morning - still dark....I feel fall creeping up on me.
I plan on wallowing in the last rays of summer until the frost forces me to admit that its over ~ so there!

Last night I met some friends down at the ocean for a swim and sunset.  It was amazing - I know I should be used to it but every time I witness such awesomeness I am in awe - the colors in the sky and on the water - too cool.  And as we were hanging out and chatting I look up and there is Alec Baldwin standing over us - he was walking along the beach with his new wife and their puppy.  Damn he looks good - poster child for Yoga - I think I shall try it - he really looked great.

This morning - I'm up and off for a bike ride.  Ordered my PB2 from amazon - never had it before but I see some of you are fans so I'll jump on that low cal bandwagon and take it for a spin.
Not much new here - been slacking on the health front and working hard at trying to make money.
I still can't believe some of you teachers are back to school already!  Here that doesn't start until after Labor Day.
Here are some photos from last night and one from my work party.

Tan lines Much?

Even Alec Baldwin was taking pictures of the sunset.


  1. Oh my Alec Is so HOT! Beautiful pics....I am a PB2 fan!

  2. I never could get excited about PB2. As a matter of fact, I think I have a 3 year old jar in my pantry that has never been opened.

  3. I made the same observation this morning. It is darker and darker out when I wake up. BLAH! And how fun to see Alec Baldwin.

  4. There are days I want to trade lives with you!

  5. I could totally handle not going back to work until after Labor Day. But, then I would be mad when I had to work in the month of June.

  6. School starts for me tomorrow... double dang Summer is O-V-E-R!

  7. I can't believe school has started in some places, either! Then again, in 5 days' time it'll be my kids' turn. Eek!

    Too cool that you got to see Alec Baldwin. I love him. :)