Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ten Things Thursday ~ Hamptons Edition

Its August here....and the elite of the most obnoxious people are here...urgh.
I have to love them b/c they keep our economy booming but boy do they know how to work a girls nerve!  The larger the range rover the worse the driving....don't even get me started on the hummer drivers...

2. I love when a celebrity bitch smacks rude old dudes Go Katie Lee! Read about it here

1.  Jay Z and Beyonce are in my hood this summer ~ they rented Sandcastle - the most over the top house on the planet  - I've been in it - it has a bowling ally and rock climbing wall ~ Check it out

I used to ride ponies on the field where this house was built - It used to grow potatoes ...

3.  Last night I went paddle boarding and hung out at the bay for sunset in honor of my Friend Andrew - who passed away unexpectedly last fall...I ate 3 brownies in his honor...bad girl!

4.  The A/C Broke at work today so I had some froyo - now I just feel sick...balls. 

5. Tonight mo is taking me out to dinner - fancy Italian restaurant woohooo - hope I don't get stuck

8.325 ~ Bentleys are so lame....I see them everywhere....i mean why don't you just wear a shirt that has your bank account balance on it....gosh!

91/2 ~ I just don't get city folk...they spend fuckloads of money to come to the country then bitch about the bugs and nature and sit in their over sized houses blasting the AC...seems kinda dumb to me

11.478  - Every morning in August there is a woman who runs on the beach where we all walk our dogs - I call her Franken Runner b/c she drags one leg and is old as fuck.  I wish she would just walk - it hurts to watch her run - and honey runs like three miles and she must be like a size negative 1..anyway - everyday she gives my dogs the stink eye - and everyday I say hello - I mean she know's this is the dog beach...why doesn't she run somewhere else....come on!

9.  I'm taking today off from exercise - yesterday I rode 30 and paddled and swam... even an olympian needs a recovery day.

10. Teaching Mo how to drive a stick is fun.  
Beach Party

B/c Everyone drinks skinny girl from the bottle

Another McLauren

We spread my old bosses ashes over the field we used to ride in at the farm

Yup - I was 20 in this pic - getting paid to ride on the beach - in february~ me and Norman!


  1. I love that you have 843 pictures on your makes me feel better about never deleting any of my pictures. Enjoy your Italian!!

  2. Omg. I just fell in love with you all over again. I mean, who doesn't love the hamptons(not that I've ever been there, but i love your commentary). And tell me why skinny girl isnt always drank straight outta the bottle? I thought that was the only way to drink it.

  3. yea the bad driving would drive me bat shit crazy

  4. love the pic of you on a cool is that!

  5. Shut the front door - you are so cute I can't stand it.

    Hope your Italian was fabulous, and that the lapband gods smiled upon you and no food got stuck-eth.