Saturday, August 18, 2012

Little Edie Beale

Yesterday - I didn't run but the good news is that the poor food choices ended early..mainly because work got in the way...thank you.
I love me some wacky socialites - aka Edie Beale - I went to Grey Gardens yesterday for an open house - the current owner has restored the house to its glory days - when she bought it there were raccoons and a cat colony living in it with the Beales.  The house just feels like me - one day I shall live there...

But then around 3 we were watching a fender bender out of our office window - Jeep backed into a Porsche....standard on main street.  It was then decided that we shall blow off the afternoon and go for cocktails on the dock...This worked to my advantage because I got more calls and business done just sitting watching the water than had I been in front of the computer stressing out.  This proves my theory that the universe wants me to day drink by the sea..

Really? House dress at 4pm at a restaurant?  Big Edie is following me...
I am actually going for a run shortly - there is no way I can make through the rest of this weekend without clearing out my brain cobwebs and getting a sweat on! 
Plan for today ~ 
Protein Shake
Green Juice for Lunch 
Corn on the cob for dinner and bbq tofu


  1. I loved this movie. Weird, fo sho, but still fascinating. Neat to see the house restored.

  2. I wish I could get away with a house dress in public. Damnit, those things are comfortable! (Yep, I am a little old lady in a young woman's body.)

    That house is GORGEOUS. I guess I need to watch Grey Gardens.

  3. Amazing! The house is beautiful and the story was fascinating.

  4. I loved the hbo special on that! what great pics!