Friday, August 17, 2012

uh ohhhh

You know your day is gonna be a shit storm when you look at your calendar and there is no blank space - appts through until 6pm....
The mature way to handle this is to eat veggies, go for a run and meditate to clear your head. 
I did the opposite - ate ice cream for breakfast - watched the real house wives of NYC and ran into the office like my pants were on fire.
The rest of my day was a total cluster fluck...sigh.  
Of course I ended the day with a frozen margarita and fried mac n cheese bites (this was a religious experience). 

So basically yesterday was a picture perfect snapshot of how I used to live pre-op.  I am not going to wallow in the carb hangover...I did just eat left over quesadillas for protein powder is on backorder so no shake...but now from this moment on (7:54 EST) I'm going to eat clean and forge on into the weekend of craziness.

Happy Friday ~ make it count.


  1. Way to go moving on Warrior. I know exactly what you mean. Pre-band I would have just thrown up my hands and given up. Now I truly realize it's just one day in the life of me. : ) Happy Weekend babe!

  2. love real house wives...of you name the city!

  3. Fried mac and cheese? I am going to think about that all day long...

    Way to get back on that mountain bike!!

  4. It was a moment. You get to try again tomorrow.
    I hope you sell things today with all those appointments.

  5. Fried mac and cheese. Mmm... a girl can dream.

    Have a great weekend. And no more ice cream. Honey badgers don't eat dairy!