Friday, August 31, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Thanks Laura Belle - My Favorite day of the week!

1.  Its the last week of summer! - Happy/Sad at the same time - I can't wait to go sweater and boot shopping...does that make me a dork?

2.  I've got a touch of the Hangover this morning.... Went to a party last night and played lawn games until the moon was high in the sky - it felt kinda like a Field Day - so much fun

This is my favorite game - ever - I call it swinging balls and I'm awesome at it!
Corn hole and Cub were two other games that we played

3.  What was supposed to be a quiet week for work has turned into a bit of a shit show - but hey, it's all good

4. I am a school supply addict and I really want a new Trapper Keeper or box of new crayons..

5.  I will pull it together today.  

6.  I have nothing to say, my brain is mushy today....I'll leave you with this photo of the end of summer 


  1. I love new school supplies...I live thru my son and we just bought a bunch!

  2. What will you do with the Trapper Keeper?
    the Swinging Balls game looks like something my dog would jump through. At first glance I thought your pups started running obstocle courses.... Now who is the dork?

  3. If sweater and boot shopping is wrong, I don't want to be right. ;-) And what a lovely shot of summer's end. Happy September! Well, almost. :-)

  4. Aw man, I love me some cornhole. I kinda suck at it, but I love it any way :)

  5. trapper keepers are the best invention ever, and what is it about school supplies? I love them too lol love lawn games and getting tipsy while playing them lol..... great photo of summers end.

  6. No invitation to field day? Sad Ronnie. lol

    Don't say end of summer. We still have a few weeks! Don't we? :((