Thursday, August 23, 2012

10 Things Thursday! and weigh in

Thanks to Laura for the best day of the week ever!!

1. 163 ~ there it is....damage done.  

2. Ran yesterday - 2 miles...did not feel like it and I slogged it out

3. Yesterday was supposed to be an off day - so I only worked until noon then headed to the ocean.  Only ate watermelon and edamame on the beach ..

4.  Binged on ice cream pops in the car on the way home from the store - I'm more angry about the act of binging in the car and then hiding the evidence - old behaviors creeping in...I will not allow this to continue 

5.  This evening we are having a beach party - so looking forward to it.

6.  I'm so pissed that I can't mountain bike because of the awful ticks - I may just say fuck it and go anyway

7. Seeing you guys who are doing the boobs challenge lose is a big inspiration to me!  

8.  Andrea - CRUSHING IT!!!!  Hot damn I need to steal that mojo!

9.  I am jealous of the girls that are big and still rock a bikini and yet I cover every dimple and square of flesh...they are the true honey badgers - 

10.  God give me the strength to make 3 good decisions in a row to get back into my good habits....this sugar and dairy train has to stop.


  1. A beach party sounds like fun! If you figure out how to stop that sugar train let me know!

  2. Enjoy your beach parties and wear a bikini like a honey badger!

  3. I want to come to the beach party!!

  4. I love edamame! omg, fav snack ever! And I got my husband hooked too. it's so much better for him than chips or the crap he shoves in his mouth.

    have fun at the beach! I will be channeling you while I'm landlocked in the middle of BFE Kansas.

  5. love edamame...don't eat to much...terrible tummy pains and then...the explosion!