Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sunrise....and weigh in

Its 5:30 in the morning - the sun is just rising.  I am cranky.  I want to go back to bed and sleep in.  
But I have a friend to meet at 6:30.  Road riding this morning.  I need this. 

 Yesterday I did't work out and was so cranky and craving sugar something fierce!  Dare I say there was a tantrum thrown in the evening when I wanted to go for ice-cream, and Mo and I took the dogs for a walk instead.  My inner sugar devil pitched a fit but I rode it out and watched the olympics instead.  

Was yesterday a sugar free day? Nope.  Did I abuse sugar to calm down and as a reward after my successful appointment, yup.  Am I going to get my ass on the bike today and try like hell to do better than yesterday - that would be a fuck yeah!

Ronnie has set herself a new goal of running a 10 minute mile - she is such a bad ass inspiration! I know she'll do it because lets face it, she is a rock star!  She also wanted to know what our fitness goal are? 

This got me thinking about what my goals were in the beginning of the year - this is what my PLAN was ~ I'm not hating on it - still doing okay with the overall theme but the follow through is a problem.  I talk a big game in the beginning and then somehow hope like hell for the results to go in my favor  - its just not good enough.  I am lazy... yes - thats the truth,  the middle step is where I fail and that is the difference between being at goal by now and being where I am.  

Second half of post - after ride:

48 miles on the road  ~ had 2 gu, protein shake, coffee and fruit salad - its only 12:41 lets keep the good decisions rolling.  My weigh in was 161.6  Shockingly still 20 pounds from goal.  

So using Ronnie's SMART model (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Specific.)for goal setting this is what I've got. 

Lose 10 pounds by October 14th (also the Serpents Back race)
Thats a little more than 2 months away.  I would also like to place in my age group.  - tough group women's 36-40.  
Yes - thats two goals but hopefully one will be a byproduct of the other.

I leave you with photos from this morning's ride

Indian Wells Beach, Amagansett

Georgica Beach ~ mile 36


  1. 48 miles on a WEEKDAY!? You ARE a badass! Nice job, woman!


  2. wow, that's awesome! And great in a land-locked state, it's nice to see ocean pics :D

  3. gorgeous place to ride. :) keep the sugar monkey off yo back and make the 10 pound goal!

  4. You don't think you carry through??? Really? I think you are a rock star at getting your exercise in.

  5. You can so make that goal - like totally!

  6. You can do it!! Completely achievable! You are a friggin ROCKSTAR!

  7. Love the plan and goals---Ronnie is making us accountable!

  8. Love the goals - you got this honey badger!

    Speaking of... at my interview today, they asked me the dumbest question ever. "If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?'

    Guess what my answer was? ;)

  9. Hi Vanessa! I just put together that you were the Vanessa from Daily Mile, Lol! I had been away from blogging for so long that I completely forgot! I'm so happy you decided to join the Walk for Farm Animals! If I were a little closer, I'd come do it with you, for sure! You are really putting the biking miles in- way to go! And I think we all fight that stupid sugar monster- he's just pure evil!