Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yesterday we rode 30 miles at 6:30 in the morning - It was Mo's first road ride with me...he hasn't been on the bike in a while  - I may have fibbed and told him we were going to do 15 Miles...whoopsies..
He road like a champ and didn't complain too much....
I was basking in the afterglow of our ride and it dawned on me - I am in better shape than him. NSV!  

Yesterday was a great day - I won 200 bucks!  Just for going to an open house and putting my card in a hat ~ This girl is feeling lucky!  Then I got great news for business - good things are coming but if I spell it out they may disappear - but know that hard work does pay off.  

I'm going to slog out a run this morning - that video that Amy posted is pretty awesome and Inspiring.

I've got to get to the office bright and early - like 8am because its a beach day!  Going to settle in at the ocean for the afternoon and then they are showing Jaws on the beach tonight...should be fun.

Lori has a great blog post today ~ a poem about habits ~ check it out because its dead on.
Thats my problem - I need to train my habits...
At least I'm addicted to exercise....
Happy Hump day.


  1. whoa better shape than hubby...I secretly hope to do that as well!

  2. Happy hump day, honey badger!