Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1. Its still humid...gross ~ going for mtb in a minute - easy spin for fun

2. I ran a 5K yesterday morning - thought I was going to pass out - ran it in 32 minutes...I want to get back to the 29:30!

3.  Got my nails did yesterday - with the new "it" color 

4.  Nothing exciting to report with the food - just that yesterday's Sugar Free attempt ~ fail but the good news = its a new day!

5. Andrea is crushing it - losing every week  and looking great! 

6. Tonight is our annual work summer party - I'm looking forward to it for a change.  Should be a good time - its on the ocean in Bridgehampton.

7. I've got to get back to boot camp - I'm feeling like flubber - this lazy ass honey badger has not done a crunch or lifted a kettle bell  in months.

8. I might just play hooky and go to the ocean today ...I've been trying for days to do this and its not happened 

9.  Would the world fall apart if I let me phone go to voice mail?  

10. I blame this little farm stand for blowing me out of the water with  their awesome home made food -I have decided not to grocery shop and only purchase home made food from here.  
I'm no longer in denial that I am a slacker in the kitchen  - why beat yourself up when someone else can do it better.

More photos from this morning's spin and dog walk...
Morning trail - clearing the webs from my brain

manicure looks better with the gloves!

Sir ed - trying to decide if the water is to his liking



  1. oh that farm stand looks divine!

  2. I'm jealous of your 32 minute 5k! Amazing!!

  3. That farm stand looks amazing! Don't sweat (hehe) over your 5k speed- the humidity makes it impossible to run at your normal speed, at least not without making yourself sick!

  4. Andrea is crushing it!

    And I LOVE your nail color. I now need that color.

    P.S. - I don't think it would go to hell if you let a call go to voicemail. I almost always do, unless it's family or Steve. Answering for anybody else is asking for trouble... no one ever just calls to chat, they always want something.

  5. Ooh, pretty nails and lovely ride this morning! Did Sir Ed decide to get his feet wet?

  6. You are amazing! Love the nail color!

  7. Love th eMani. Great color! :) And I want a farm stand and water near by. *pout* That produce looks AMAZING! And I wanna play on the beach!

  8. Lovin those nails. It is humid gross here too. Simply walking from my classroom to the car made me feel like I needed a bath. Yuck.