Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Badfish ~ randomness

I can't get blobfish out of my head.   I now have the lyrics to Badfish in my head....I heart Sublime...

In other news - Mo is out of town for the week....I do love that man but am loving having the house/bed to myself.  Its really nice.

My nutritionist emailed me yesterday - she has been telling patients about my blog and using it as a tool for people!  So Cool - so Hello to anyone reading this from Dr Mehta's office!  
I will be going to the October support meeting
Have my photo shoot next week for the not at the weight I was hoping for ..but whatev.

There is impending rain on the way today, so I have to hustle off the couch to go MTB - Going for speed this morning ~ and may even do a sit up or two.  

I need to focus more on weights and strength training.....I may rock on the bike but shit is getting muffiney top.  

I love my band - yesterday I stopped in at my favorite health food store - ordered a panini and grabbed pretzels too - I ended up giving away half of the sandwich and the bag of pretzels.    

Whats with the fear of hunger?  Every time I get hungry, I am stricken with fear of I've ever been a starving child on an  I get dizzy and panic sets in...then I see stars ...low blood pressure - this then results in panic eating...
perhaps I should be packing snacks?   
Just thinking out loud....
gotta get on the bike!  
Have a great Tuesday and move your body!
oh - and more Blobfish ... - mascot ?

Some Badfish for you! 


  1. The blobfish is so completely gross!! We must all vow not to be blobfish, but instead blogfish! I love Sublime too!! x

  2. AAhhhh I <3 Sublime. Always reminds me of summer at the lake with my sister.

    Dennis is going out of town tomorrow and I can't wait to watch Dance Mom's without shame.

  3. I'm a HUGE Sublime fan...never had a chance to see them live though. :-(

  4. Blobfish=scary...almost as scary as drinking maggots!!!!!!

  5. I am going ot have nightmares if you keep posting photos of blobfish. Lmao. Although the flower was a nice touch. Bwahahah.