Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Here's the truth about yesterday....
Frozen yogurt for breakfast with rainbow sprinkles
Tofu curry for snack
1 chocolate covered grahm cracker 
4 spoonfuls of frosting from the can - while texting Ronnie ...her advice - throw that shit away!
Lunch with a friend - half of a quesadilla
Dinner out with family - vegan butternut squash soup
1 piece of bread
1 glass of wine
a few bites of dinner 
Got home - had  more leftover tofu curry
frozen yogurt with sprinkles 
Then I got stuck on the fro yo - grrrrrrr 

There are my sins 

The best part about the day is I went MTB on my favorite loop with my friend Otto.  It was epic- weather was perfect - my single speed felt right - everything felt right!
I said to Otto that I feel normal in the woods - I think its similar to why a drug addict has to take drugs to feel normal.   

My Plan for today - Its a new day - start fresh!
Protein Shake for breakfast
Tofu curry for lunch 
Atkins shake for snack
soup for dinner.  
Going MTB with boys today after work - no humidity and its about 50 degrees here this morning - I L O VE I T!!!!!

This is my life coach


  1. I'm going to kidnap your life coach and snuggle with him (her?) tonight. He will be returned in the morning.

  2. Your life coach is adorable, but I have my concerns about his/her ability to crack the whip.

  3. oh what a cutie!!!! Step away from the frosting......

  4. HA, good advice Ronnie, THROW THAT SHIT AWAY! I feel ya, I had about 1/3 of a hot fudge sundae last night....

  5. Frosting from a can...yum...I mean...Ronnie is right, throw that shit away. Cute life coach :)

  6. I think some days are like that. We forget that "normal" eaters who have never had a weight issue also have those days when they eat, or at least, crave the world. The key seems to be getting back on track the next day. I think it's when we have too many of those days that it becomes a problem. Throw away what you want, keep moving and be gentle with yourself. You've accomplished so much. This is a lifestyle, not a temporary fix.