Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NY RE scheduled and weigh in

****This just in - 160.4*****
Not sure what the loss is but I think its good - since last week I saw 164....bounce around much?  - Thanks to Ronnie for all the support!

So Life got in the way yesterday and I didn't make it to the big bad Apple.  Finished up work meetings at 5:30...So its Today!  Shopping list in hand ~ its on.

My biking boyfriend and his wife had a baby yesterday - I am happy for them but will be wearing black this week mourning the loss of my friend.  For he will forever be a slave to diapers, play dates and whatever else turns fun people into minivan cab drivers....booooo.
On a better note  - she has the best name ever Eleanor Bee!  So cute.

Do I have to get up at 6am today? no.  Could I stay in bed until 7:30 and then roll into the office at 9?  Totally. But I am up and getting ready to run.  I can't face driving to NY without having some miles in these legs...

I may weigh in today instead of tomorrow - I was down to 161.4 - so we'll see...

Tomorrow is the photo shoot I have been waiting for....surprisingly I am unprepared - haven't picked my before photo to bring, no clue what I'm going to wear...and haven't written my essay yet.  The good news - I'm going to be going right to the shoot from shopping in NY with my stylist KLF - and  she'll be with me.  hoorah!  She has been with me from size 22 to size 8 - I cant get dressed without her - YOU ROCK KLF!

I'll have tons of photos from NY - yay.   and yes - THAI FOOD


  1. Can't wait to see the pics! And yes, mourn your friend. You may never see him again. lol I'm totally kidding.

  2. I love the name too Eleanor Bee....I bet you will be calling her Bee

  3. The photo shoot sounds like so much fun. I can't wait to see the finished product.