Thursday, September 13, 2012

10 Things Thursday

1.  Its a year since Andrew died...I miss him.  But I also feel relief that we are healing and that the drama of the last year is behind us. What a long trip its been - I know he'd be proud of me and happy that things are more peaceful now

2. Today - I have to speak at a little memorial that we are holding in the trails....makes me nervous as hell - I may just tell dirty jokes because he would want that. :)

3.  Yesterday - damn that toxic cake!  I had every intention of saying no - but it was warm and yellow....its ok - I'm not hating on myself

4.  I love all of my followers - thanks for the comments and support - it always seems that when i'm about to make a bad decision I get an email comment that will turn it around for me.

5.  I hate having to be serious....perhaps clown college is next

6.  I had a dream Beyonce was asking me what I do for work outs...

7.  NYC - banning large sugary thats a hot topic - people are going nuts over this - too much government... perhaps, but that same government has to pay the bill in health care when people get sick from so much sugar...if they would ban crap from the check out asile - that would be even better.

8.  Fall rules!

9. Mo is going to California next week to go to a conference and play golf - I'm stoked to have the bed to myself - I'm gonna hog the whole thing like its my job.   I'll miss him but it will be nice to have the house to myself...

10.  Going for a MTB Ride this afternoon to the memorial.. Its funny how people turn someone into something they were not once they are dead.  
He would never have wanted any hooplah or drama....just a quite walk in the woods or bike, it is what it is - see you in the next life ghosty!


  1. I almost wish they would ban large sugary drinks in Texas. Would make my life SO much easier if I couldn't buy a bottle of yoohoo.

    Or...wait... do you mean alcoholic drinks?

    I heard nothing about cake, lady! Why you no share? :(

  2. Sorry for your loss... Good luck with the memorial!

  3. There is nothing wrong with warm yellow cake. Unless it's warm yellowcake uranium. Which is how I would have to think about any warm yellow cake in order to avoid diving into it headfirst.

  4. Go for the dirty jokes. Give ghosty a chuckle. ;) as for the cake... eh... don't make it habit. Once an awhile is normal.

  5. Mmm cake. Wow #7. Do you mean by size? Like you cannot get a 20oz mt dew at a corner store or do you mean sugar content? I'm confused!!

    I don't drink sugary drinks anyway ... would much rather have cake. Mmmm...

    I *heart* fall too. It's my favie.

  6. I think dirty jokes are the way to go. I can't imagine very many people who want make people sad. Make it a celebration!!

    You said cake, damn you.