Thursday, September 6, 2012

TTT!!!! Yeah Boyeeeeeee Flavor Flaaaav

Um ...not sure where the flavor flav outburst just came from.....

1. Went on the road this morning - 24 ish miles - beautiful morning!

2. Got the email with the information for the calendar photo shoot in three weeks! Time to buckle down and get to the 150s!  

3. Going for a mani pedi this afternoon - mainly b/c I had a meeting with a man who had better looking nails than me this morning and I am shamed into getting my hooves shod!

4.  Been running and eating well for the past few days - its a start

5.  Last 20-30 pound challenge - who wants in? - I've never finished a challenge or directed one so I have no clue how to do it.  Anyone want to join in for a balls to the wall goal challenge? Miss Lorie's suggestion.

6. My house smells like dog.  

7. I thought I had more to say

8. Flavor Flaaaav

9. I will not have a snack right now even though I really want one because it will not taste as good as I think it will....

10. My jeans feel snug.......balls.

This was at the end of my street this morning -
makes riding at 6:15 in the morning worth it!

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  1. I'm so jealous of you getting to ride in such beautiful surroundings.

  2. Flavor Flaaaav


    I am soooo in on the challenge. I needs to yo! Want me to make a graphic for it? I am not 20-30 from goal... but we can make it a 30 pound challenge. Something like that.

    (psssst... V... take that stupid word verification off!! lol. Please!!)

  3. I'm in! I'm telling you, lets do a challenge. I'm pretty sure the idea kinda started with Ronnie. I think we should do "get to goal, or set a goal." That way people needing to lose less than 30 pounds can still participate, and those with more to lose can set their own goal... what do you think?

  4. Dude - yes on the challenge. The BOOBs challenge ends on Sept. 26th....when do you plan to start?

  5. I wanna do a challenge but I can't. I get all freaked out and panic about it...unles of course you said it was a chocolate eating challenge. I probably wouldn't get all freaked out about that.

  6. 24 miles...WOW!

    I'm doing the BOOBS challenge and it has been very helpful. So go for it!


  7. I am with RockBand Barbie- I get all stressed and worked up at the idea of a challenge.
    My house smells like dog too. I think anyone's house with large and/or multiple dogs just does. If you figure out a way that it doesn't let me know!!!

  8. I need to start a challenge to get my ass back on keto. I was bad. How many hail mary's do I owe for you 3 tiny twixs, 3 mini reese's cups, and a piece of cake? LOL

  9. I think I would take up bike riding if that were my view during the ride :D