Friday, September 14, 2012

Moving On!

Yesterday - 

Food -
Protein Shake
PB Choc Bar - vegan
Date Oat square - vegan 
Handful of chips
Handful (ok- 3) of spicy nuts
Half of a slice of pizza
A beer

Exercise - MTB to the memorial in the woods

Overall I didn't eat much but the quality of food was horrendous...
It was a bit of a nutty day - but a huge release to be on the other side of a year - I still haven't erased his # from my phone....I just cant do it yet...

I made my little speech - nothing crazy - I just wanted everyone to think about the good times and focus on the laughter...I'm horrible at public speaking - so I had a beer prior - it helped

Today's Plan - 
Protein shake 
Run Dogs on Beach
Get more atkins shakes 
have a salad for lunch 
fruit for snacks
Mountain Bike after work
dinner -Amy's 

The Birthday Cake - Mo did the art work 

Mo posing with my friends b-day gift - awesome!

At the Memeorial

I take photos of my bike like people take photos of their kids - and i'm not ashamed!

The after party - for Andrew


  1. A) Mo is a hotty boom boom body. Love the tatas!! Haha.

    B) I take pics of my dog like my kids. I should take a pic of G's bike for you. /nod

    C) The beach memorial looks so beautiful and fun.


  2. The beach memorial looked like a wonderful way to celebrate someone's life. I have a friend that takes pictures of his motorcycle more than he takes pictures of his kids....

  3. Hugs to you sweetie!


  4. A bittersweet day for you, I'm sure. The beach looked lovely for your gathering, though.

    Love the can in the water bottle holder :)

  5. I guess I haven't followed you long enough to know what happened to your friend but I'm sad for your loss.
    Looks like you had a nice memorial service for him.

  6. beer in the water bottle holder. classic. love the gathering at the beach. looked lovely.((hugs))