Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekend rambing

I love weddings!  In fact ... I'm going to one this afternoon ~ Can't wait!

I took today off - I should be in bed right now but instead am heading out to Mountain Bike...
Almost everyone going to the wedding today including the Bride and Groom are running a marathon this morning ~ so the least I could do is go for a ride.  

Missing everyone that is at Boobs this weekend - not many blogs to read and I'm dying to see photos.

Yesterday I ran 5K to keep sane before work ~ fall running is the best! 

I have been drinking S'bux like its my job and am jittery and jacked up with energy these days - not a great feeling but need it to get through this week of work.

Food - I've not been that hungry - but when I do eat I've been making not so great decisions... pooh -
I'd like to see 159 on Wednesday's weigh in...not unrealistic if I keep it together through the weekend.

Get out and do something today! 

I leave you with this little gem of a finished basement I stumbled upon on my daily travels.... I like to call it "period specific" cerca 1973


  1. If it was ten years ago, I totally would have run a marathon (or maybe a half) before my wedding. I love that!

  2. Love it! I am glad you like weddings... I think I would more if they weren't so boring round here!

  3. I could not imagine finding time before your own wedding to run a marathon...that is dedication!

  4. I love weddings too! That couch is awesome and the year I was born. Hmmm do I hear a little Barry White? on second thought I'd rather not have THAT mental picture.

  5. Running a marathon is certainly a different way to start a wedding :o)

    Enjoy your ride and have fun at the wedding!!

  6. Holy crap, a marathon on your wedding day! That's totally crazy, but I love it!
    Fall running is absolutely the best, I agree.
    Hope you had a great weekend.

  7. Wow! I think we had a couch like that when I was growing up. As for the S'bucks....I too have been jacked up on the juice lately.