Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Check in..

Following the rules is helping...
Yesterday, I rode 20 miles
Went to yoga, only to discover it was cancelled..thats why this exercise addict made sure she got in a workout before yoga...just in case (yes I'm a little mental).  My friend and I are on a fitness kick - signing up for unlimited yoga for the fall and zumba and going to start weight lifting....
Mo is coming home tonight! Yay!

This is my food for the Friday:

Atkins Shake 160 cal
Wellness Smoothie ?? no clue on cals - had berries, spinach, flax and protein powder - guessing 250?
Small Cottage cheese 90 cal 10 g protein
Atkins Shake 160
handfull of roasted edamame ? 130cal and 14 prot?
cup of mushroom barley soup ? probably close to 500?
hazelnut candy bar - WTF.....630! and 9g - and it wasnt even good - not worth the calories
Amy's indian meal - 270 and 9 g protein
protein shake - 300 and 18 g 
Whats the total ? 2490 ish... I road my bike and the garmin claims I burned 1100 cal
I actually in my head thought this wasn't too bad of a day until I did the math..

Today's Plan = for fighting chocolate melt down
100 oz of water
2 green teas
more roasted edamame 
cottage cheese 
This is S'mai missing her dad ...she is NOT allowed in the bed and she snuck in

This is Mo on his "work" trip..yeah right! 


  1. 630 hate it when I waste cals on something that I don't just totally love! It's amazing how much you can eat when you exercise.

  2. Ouch on the crappy hazelnut bar :( But hey, you got a great workout in, so YAY YOU!! Do you roast the edamame or buy it already roasted? I've never tried them, so give me the scoop, please!

    And now I want to go on a work trip like Mo's :)

  3. Sounds like a great plan for today. If you need to be talked down (like me yesterday) text me!

    Glad Mo's coming home! Tell him Ronnie says hi. Not that he knows who I am... but can't hurt. lol