Sunday, April 22, 2012

Warrior Challenge in Full effect - and surprise!

Saturday - 
1600 Cal - I got in fruits too!  Strawberries!!
Ran 5K 

I have to say I'm nervous about this half run was super slow and to be honest I've been slacking like a mofo on the training.  The good news is that I can do it as a relay - totally do-able!  

Yesterday was easier than Friday - I started off feeling great (running a 5k @ 8am will do that for you!) So I pulled on my size 8 jeans (tight now - but a day long reminder to stay on track) and a new silk top with pearls and blazer -feeling like a million bucks!  Shopping and packing lunch really helps - another duh!  Ever  heard about planning ahead.... - sometimes I wonder what my iq is..

My Band - I definitely  notice a huge difference now that I'm sticking to the plan and eating like a bandster - Protein protein protein!  I'm much tighter and feel fuller longer. 

I'm wondering if sugar and carbs are like a magic trick - the second they hit my gullet my band opens wide (more cookies please)!  But eating like I should - slowly with lots of protein the band is nice and snug - duh!

Ok - this is big news - Part of my new plan and protein renewal program (tongue twister!) I'm going to start eating fish protein...I have already been eating a bit of smoked salmon from time to time but now will try adding tunafish - I was vegan for two years and have been vegetarian for the past 10 months.  I doubt I'll ever go back to eating furry or feathered animals but the full feeling I get from protein is the key to journey and there is only so much tofu a girl can eat.   

So cool to see new bandsters out here!  I'm getting pumped just reading about your excitement! Shout out to Colleen who is going through her pre-op testing and waiting to hear about a surgery date.

****If you read this far you are about to be rewarded.....It looks like I'm coming to Boobs! Chi town watch out!******** Which 5 Star hotel is everyone staying at?  I have a thread count minimum...:)


  1. Shut the front door! I'm so excited to meet you at BOOBs!

  2. Wow! Half marathon-- you go girl- you look great. I'm with you on the protein!

  3. Yay for Chicago....I will be there too!

  4. Yay!!! I can't wait to meet you!