Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm Back! Rested and Ready to Crush it again! MORE PICTURES!!

Best Trip ever!  The west coast is so beautiful!  I know that you all are probably like..yeah, duhhh!  But it really is spectacular!  I highly recommend taking a spin down hwy 1 at least once in your life.
I won't bore you with all the details .. just know that it was awesome and Mo and I had a blast!

First trip with the band...all good.  I loved having that reminder to slow down and feeling full without eating my way across the great state of California.

I'm glad to be home - and have control over my food again.  I have yet to get on the scale....putting it off much.  Might just wait till tomorrow my official weigh in day.  

Confession - I hardly ran at all in Ca..we did hike a bunch, and I went to the MTB festival but was not organized enough to actually ride or race...thats next year! 

While I was away a good friend of mine met with my Surgeon - I'm so excited to talk to her about it.  Its funny being the "older" bandster with lots of experience...makes me want to walk the walk and pull my act together a bit.    At some point while I was away Jackie wrote a post calling out everyone on their wining and enabling - hell yes! If sugar is your drug - stay away!  I'm living that motto for now - rebooting if you will.

Ah yes - here are some of the photos More to come:

Kenwood Inn!

Best Hot Tub on the planet!

My Breakfast Spot

Possibly the best taco bell on earth! - on the ocean!

Post Ranch Inn - Off tha Hizay!!  Lunch Spot - Big Sur

Mo wants to live at the top of the mountain

MTB Festival - wish that was me ...

Mo plays pebble peach..

Me channeling Jackie O

Seals and pups..I'm in love
MY Basement....

Post Ranch Inn

These trees make me look skinny - I shall bring them home with me!

Lone Cypress - Aha!


  1. What a fabulous trip! Don't fret about the scale. Once you're back into your routine, it will all balance out. You look great!

  2. great pics! you are the experienced bander and inspire me all the time!

  3. I'm jealous, you look beautiful, I'm jealous, and I am glad you are back!

  4. Awesome! Thanks for posting pics!

  5. You are ADORBS with a capital A! You inspire me too! Keep up your amazing, awesomesauce-ness.....glad you had an amazing vacation! I'm originally from the west coast, and I'm with you - it's GORGEOUS! xo

  6. Love all the pictures!!! Looks like such a good time!

  7. Great pictures! Thank you for sharing. You look so happy. I definitely need to visit the WC.