Friday, April 20, 2012

Epic - Commando - Warrior - 145 - Plan! GAME ON!

What? you say?  I thought she was "rocking" Faux Maintenance?  Whats going here?  ...

Here is the deal - I am definitely happy.  However, I could do better.  The "just this once" syndrome has become an every day affair...Buck stops here, today.

The goal - 145 by July 4th.  Thats 17 pounds in whatever # of weeks - Math aint my thang...

The Plan - Cut back on ALL forms of sugar - read labels.
                 Calories - Track that Shit! 1500 or less
                 Wine - no thanks 
                 Work out - Boot Camp - 1x, Run 3x and MTB 2x-3x a week
                 Half Marathon - coming up!

Accountability - yes, I know it will be boring - but I will be posting the results/victories/failures on this blog daily - I'll try and make it snappy and fun, but really how exciting is calorie counting?

Why?  Because, I'm feeling like I'm slipping backward and feeling mushy - I need to tighten up that shit!


  1. Good luck with your re-focusing efforts! You will rock it!

  2. I know you got this. I can't wait to celebrate in your success!!

  3. I love this, and can't wait for your snappy updates! I'd like to be at 145 too, take me with you?
    Love the 1/2 marathon! You go girl!