Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Monday Monday

Let the point system begin today!  
Yesterday was an epic fail - but while I was failing I recognized why.  Instead of hiding my shameful candy binge, I will leave the empty wrapper (m&ms and mr goodbar) in my car right there in the console as a reminder that I am better than that.  There are no good excuses but I know what set it off - a visit to my family sans Mo (who is playing golf @ Pinehurst for the week).

Moving on - for the first time in weeks I have that need to run this morning! woo hoo!  I am also relishing being a single girl this week - so nice to have the house to myself.

Yesterday started so great - I went out for a mtb with the intention of riding hard for 16 miles and then I bumped into my friends so I ended up tagging along with them on a "vista cruise" - it was great for my spirit - not a great calorie burn but it is what it is.

This is where we rode to.


  1. Wow beautiful pic...hard not to cruise considering the scenery!

  2. You are SO going to rock the points. I also agree that having the reminder may be helpful. Just make sure you aren't trying to shame yourself. You're much to awesome for that. *hugs*

    That ride looks fantastic. I love that view.

  3. I love the points system plan! Hopefully that will keep you motivated! Enjoy the single life this week.

  4. Love the point system-- I once made something up like that for myself but didn't follow it!
    Anyhow: move on from the candy, I hear you on that, it can be like a bad old friend that sometimes calls you up and says 'hey' and you go for it-- but then you've got to kick it to the curb.
    Your exercise is totally admirable!!