Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Monday - Runday

  1. So yesterday started out awesome!

  2. Met a friend for a morning run - 4.65 miles in the woods - it was tough but I got 'er done.   The trails were beautiful and running in the rain is magical.

  3. I had the best intentions of a medal worthy day of eating..then rainy day fat girl came to the office with me.  Major breakdown and FAIL.  I am thinking starting out the day with Chocolate pb protein shakes sets the wrong tone for the day.  Today - Blueberry Vanilla shall set me free!

  4. So - wrapping up the day - A+ for Exercise  - D- for Food 
  5. Today is a new day !


  1. Are 2, 4, 6 secrets? Ha! I feel you on the good exercise/bad food front. But we keep at it, yes? Go girl!

  2. The great thing is that every day is a new day, so slipping for a day on the food choices only matters if you keep making poor choices day after day - and you won't, so in the scheme of things, it's a tiny blip! Glad the running is going so well!

  3. whooops! not sure how the #s ended up on this post. Ha! looks funny