Saturday, April 28, 2012

Seeing the light!

I'm snapping out of my dark place...

After my depressing Ten Things Thursday, I realized that now it is up to me.  20 pounds...that aint shiz!  Even though these last 20 are like a steep steep climb that I have to tackle an inch at a can be done.  Thanks guys for your encouraging words its nice not to be alone in this place.

Yesterday, was a great day with food - planning once again is the key.  I have gone back to watching videos and basic food choices.

My exercise has been non existent - wtf?  i know - I'm a lazy ass these days..someone pointed out that maybe I am burned out on my usual can one be burnt out on MTB?  Its true...I need something new, exciting, and cheap.  So ideas are welcome - I may try yoga tomorrow...JRD has inspired me.  Here's to a great weekend and a huge push to the "finish line".

I can't say it doesn't hurt to have someone say "you want to loose 20 more?  where? you'll disappear"  But I know the truth..I want to feel good in my skin and right now...meh...

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  1. I hear you! What about some weight training or something like that to mix things up?