Thursday, April 5, 2012

10! Things! Thursday!!!

I swear if it weren't for 10 Things Thursday..I'd hardly be posting at all....

1.  Did you notice I skipped weigh in wednesday?  - feeling very sheepish about this...

2.  I did get my workout in yesterday - Short MTB ride - followed by fried pickles!  - what the heck?  

3.  Life is going by at 1million miles an hour these days.  No one ever told me that once you start living life and not wasting each day on the couch it would go so fast..tomorrow is my 1 year bandiversary...

4.  Work is crazy busy,  I think the 1% is over the recession because they are here in the Hamptons and buying vacation homes.  Hoping all of my hard work starts to pay off and we can get cracking on the Bucket List 

5.  I have been in faux maintenance for a few months and although it has made my schedule bearable - it has been a disservice to my body.  I have been eating like shit and it shows, I feel mushy instead of strong and my addiction to fried food and sugar has gotten out of hand.  

6. The plan is to slow down..put the brakes on.  Slower eating and being conscious of my band...Liquids/soups and veg.

7.  Going for an easy 5K this morning....Can't wait to run in Carmel next week

8.  For Easter Sunday my friends are planning a 30 mile MTB ride followed by a party - I hope to participate but right now I have 2 appointments to show houses - I'm hoping people come to their senses and cancel.

9.  I've been reading blogs just not as often but you guys are still my inspiration and keep me plugging along on this journey...

10.  Have I mentioned that I'm going to CA on Tuesday...Woop Wooop!  First Vacation in 3 years!!!!  
I don't care if it rains - just looking forward to spending time with Mo and sleeping in a bit - I'll still be working (thank you technology...) but at least it will be at a slower pace..

10 a.   I am happy.   

10b.  Is it weird that when I see really big people now, I want to pull them aside and give them my dr.'s card and preach the benefits of the Lap Band?  At times I feel like a missionary in the land of chub....


  1. Good job on being accountable and getting the eating back in check!

    Have a great vacation!

  2. have a great time in CA, what a great place to go for a run!!

    My addiction to root beer is slowly creeping back up. I am right there with you on the sugar issue.

  3. I have always wondered about approaching people about the possibilities out there. I am a very up front person, but the last thing I would ever want to do it hurt someone's feelings. I wonder if there is a safe way to pass along the information.

  4. I so hear you on #10. I want to tell them that I KNOW what they are feeling and it can all be so much better. :)