Saturday, April 7, 2012

*****GIVE AWAY****

Ok ladies.  I'm purging my closet.  I want to give YOU a mystery box of clothes!

Size 14/12 - I'd like to get the box sent out to the winner by monday.
I'm not even remotely proclaiming that I have any fashion sense at all..but there will be jeans, skirts, and maybe a dress or three.  
Yes, I'm a lazy SOB - not taking photos of each item because who has time for that shiz.

So if you are interested and think you would want to have some goodies - send me an email with your mailing address, SS#, bank routing #s, blood type and vital medical just kidding.
How about you send me something funny - a story of sorts - the kind that might make me shoot water/coffee/wine out of my nose.
Or just send me a note saying you want the goods...
Send all notes and stories to

Ronnie - you get your own HB box -I know you are psyched! 


  1. Ooh, me me! I'll send you something ... Not sure what yet. ;)

  2. I feel deflated because my port flipped and it will take me awhile to get to a 14/12..I am at 18 right now....but I couldn't pass up trying to make you laugh.....
    When I was pregnant with my son I went in for my monthly visit to my gyno and while she was examining me I accidently farted and all I could see was her bangs fly up in the air...I wanted to die from embarrassment but as a pregnant lady...gas comes frequent and out of control...she said it happens all the time...but I highly doubt it.

  3. Damn right I was psyched! (Sorry for the late comment, just now getting back into blogland... and by that I mean: I'm catching up on your blog. LOL)

    A thank you note is coming your way on Monday! :)