Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1. I am slipping - eating crap and feeling puffy

2. I talk a big game but have no motivation to do a damn thing about it

3. #2 is how I ended up getting surgery

4.  I think a marathon of watching Bandedwendy videos is order to set myself strait

5. I spent way too much $$ on fancy makeup and anti aging serum with Hylaronic Acid in it - and damn if I don't look extra pretty today!  It was with every penny!

6.  As I sit here there is a blump between me and the lap top - yes its my effin stomach - no me gusta

7.  I wish I had bottled the certainty that I would rock this journey back when I was crushing it - because I could use an infusion of some serious ass kicking

8.  Yes - some days I crave coming home to sit in my chair watch Deadliest Catch and binge eat...

9.  Today is one of those days - guess what I'm doing

10.  I am terrified that I am failing.  
10a.  That fear is only soothed when I eat and I forget about it for a moment
10b - I've got to turn this around now - what is it about the 1 year mark and complacency?  I see a lot of us here are struggling with  a gain and being stuck with some of our bad habits - LAP BAND GIRL - did you go through this?  How did you push past it?  Anyone out there that has been to this place and moved through it to goal...we could use a little mentoring right now!


  1. Honey badge, stop that self-hatin' - it's just gonna make the binging worse! Start writing your food down, even if you don't "log" it in a conventional sense, write down every morsel that passes through your lips (if you aren't already)... helps SO much. Because you have to say, "Damn, did I really NEED that? :-/"

    You're not failing! :)

  2. I love spending money on fancy make-up too...I feel prettier with fancy make-up on :)

  3. What is wrong with us? I seriously need a shot in the ass... I did run tonight, but I need to be less like a roller-coaster... What should we do. I seriously thought about emailing you last night with an SOS! :)

  4. Vanessa- I feel the same way. Let's push past this together. We can! One week at a time. Let's just say one week we go back to basics and turn this around! Love you.

  5. Im with you Warrior sista. It's been my one year mark too and I'm stuck. I need to turn this around.
    Perhaps we all need some type of reward system and accountability to one another. I'll give this some thought this weekend and we will conquer this together.

  6. maybe you need a change in exercise...maybe you are need something to bring that excitement back---you need to try something NEW out of your NORM.