Monday, April 2, 2012

8 days and counting

'Til my Vacation!!  Woop Woop (Cabbage Patch and Douggie)!

Something so exciting happened - I was reading Bike magazine the other day and discovered that Santa Cruz Mountain bike festival is the weekend we are in California!!  I promptly had Mo re- book some hotels and re-arrange our vacation so that we can be there! I'm going to ride the pump track and test down hill bikes!!!  Holy effin excited!  I can't wait to get the heck outta here and on vacation.  

Bike Magazine also has a huge spread on my two favorite things this month - Mountain Biking and Nepal - put them together and you have my wet dream! Holy top of the bucket list!  - Cannot wait for that for to come to fruition.

In other seems Sugar is making headlines these days!  People are starting to recogize that the food industry is trying to kill us!  Check out this film - Hungry for a Change ~ Chris Karr stars in it - she also made Crazy Sexy Cancer   - a movie about how she put herself in remission through diet - my friend Jackie Farry stars in that movie - she has been Fucking Cancer for 10 years!  

See my best friend in this photo - wearing a Jackie Farry Fuck Cancer Hat - She beat breast cancer two - years ago!

I get all wound up over food issues and the industry - can you tell?  Its a reminder to me to stop cheeping out on what I put in my body - lately it has been a total fail - I've been putting processed shit and quick foods in the tank - Today - back on the whole foods kick - and sugar detox - 6 days till my 1 year bandivesary - wow.
Hard to believe...Stay tuned for an epic post from me.

Yesterday I went to Sunday Mass aka - mtb with the pros at 7:30 in morning - rode for 2 hours and am feeling it this morning - ouch!

Sorry for the rambling post - all over the place - but know me by now - its how I do.
Happy Monday you guys!   


  1. High five to you on the detox! I really try to keep my diet whole and organic, but....that doesn't always seem to work. Booo to oreos.

  2. the vacation sounds like so much fun!! Can't wait to see the pictures!!

  3. I am totally addicted to sugar and I totally need to detox...but I'm not sure anyone would want to be around me during that process:)

  4. Hi I just found your site. I was banded on 3/30/12 and noticed that you cycle. I love to cycle and have purchased my first bike in nearly 20 years. I can't wait to read through your blog.