Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Better late than NEVER! Thanks Miss Lori~

1.  Re-entry Sucks!  I miss vacation.

2. Tomorrow a running I will go - feeling like a bowl of gassy chubbles tonight.'

3.  I'm farty when I don't run or bike - you needed to know this....

4.  Its good to be home - on the couch with my dogs

5.  I'm in love with Mo - vacation was very very very good for us :) 

6.  Can't stop watching Million Dollar Listing NY- its pretty close to my reality - sans the gay porn star.

7.  Working on boundaries with people...  this is the key to my stress eating - when ever I say yes and mean no I stuff down the stress with food.  Why do I care so much about disappointing other people?

8. I am pissed that the grass is growing - I hate mowing the lawn.  I want a ride on John Deere - nuthin runs like a deer - yes, I'm a tractor whore.  

9.  Tomorrow I'm going to outline my plan for Commando-Warrior-No-bullshit-Balls to the Walls - makin' it to 145 by July 4th.  There its out there

10.  Who loves her lap band - only gained 2 pounds on vacation - 161.4 this morning. Woop whoop!


  1. oh my I love million dollar addicted to that show

  2. Congrats on #10! I love that they lap-band helps keep me in check even when I eat like crap!