Monday, April 23, 2012

Shopping V and Plan

So on the Challenge front - 
Didn't make the best choices yesterday - family dinner and a glass of wine or two and suddenly I had cake in my mouth. WTF....Note to self, just say no to the wine!
Calories 2000
Mountain Biked 1.5 hour in the rain.
Shopping V -
I can't recall posting about this anywhere so forgive me if I did and it's repetitive.  Right before Vacation I ran to TJ for some turbo shopping.  Got everything and the kitchen sink!  Somedays you just hit it and this was one of those magical shopping days! I think that the shopping goddess was smiling at me after purging my closet and giving away the extras.   I even got a Kate Spade dress for an upcoming wedding. (bachelorette party - NYC on wed - pictures to come!)  Got the cutest swimsuit ever and am now set for the summer season - Never Ever have I had a complete wardrobe...its crazy.   This journey is worth it! I'll post pics of the dress - its at the tailor - too big - huh? Cra-zay! 

Starting off this rainy monday - I'm meeting a friend for a trail run then will be packing my lunch and heading to the office re-charged and ready to crush it again this week.  

Exercise plan looks like this - 
Monday - Trail Run
Tuesday - Mountain Bike
Wednesday - day off (NYC Bachelorette party)
Thursday - MTB
Friday - longish run
Saturday - 5K Race on the road - looking to be @ 28-29min

Going forward this summer season - This is my weekly plan - loosely
Mondays - Mtb or Long Run
Tuesdays - TRX
Wednesday - Track workout
Thursday - MTB
Friday - Bootcamp
Saturday - off
Sunday MTB


  1. great exercise plan...can't wait till I have a wardrobe!

  2. Love magical shopping days!!