Thursday, April 12, 2012

10 Things Thursday

Just because im on vacation you didn't think I would miss ttt did you? 1. I'm on vacation bitch! 2. Top of the line hotels really make me happy. 3. California is the bomb! 4. Was actually dying for a run this morning. Ran 2 miles because that was all I could find to run around here...did hill repeats, while Mo went golfing.. 5. Having a facial in and hour that promises I will look and feel 10 years younger..god I hope so. 6. Thank god for the band or it would be ugly up in here...I haven't had dessert but I've been getting in my wine quota ...100oz right? 7. Kenwood inn and spa..look it up and go there....redic. I had no idea a bed could be so comfy or service could be so good. 8. I have discovered the perfect flying cocktail...2 bloody Mary's and a clonapin.... Slept like a baby all the way. 9. I'm pretty sure the waitress at JFK was judging me when I ordered a bloody mary @ 8am on Tuesday Morning ...but my feeling is that time does not exisist once you are inside the jet blue terminal...ah whatev.. 10. Life is good. I had no idea how stressed out I was until yesterday I started to relax. 10 a. Day drinking is an art that I plan to perfect this week. 10b. Lots of pictures to come.


  1. Ooooh sounds fantastic.
    I think the waitress should STFU with her judging. You're on vacation warrior and you should get to act like it!

    Yes, I think 100 oz is the required amount of wine while on vacation. /nod /nod

    Have a blast, cannot wait to see pictures.

    *heart u*

  2. I am soo jealous, I love facials. I agree with Cat, but haters gonna hate.

    Have a great time!!

  3. I hate to fly so I'll have to try the bloody mary/klonopin mix...I've already do the klonopin thing and since I live in New Orleans nobody bats and eyelash about ordering a bloody mary at 8am...after all, it IS a breakfast/brunch drink...

  4. Oh I so need a facial...and pampering...and wine....and .....oh you understand!

  5. Hope you're having a blast in CA, I can't believe what a HB you are - changing up the hotel to participate in a MTB race while you're there. Youse my hero. :)

    Also, eff her for judging you. I drink almost continuously while on vacation. lol

  6. Glad you're enjoying yourself on vacation!