Sunday, July 15, 2012

On the Road Again...

5:30 Sunday Morning before a day full of appointments I am up, pounding coffee, drinking a shake and psyched to get on the road bike...what that what?
Did I just say that?  The tour must be getting to me....
I am actually looking forward to it because once again I'm going out with the pros who are kind enough to drag me along...and because I'm so over ticks.   I got another 5 bites this week after going in the woods once...grrrr - so itchy.   

I've been listening to Tony Robbins lately..pretty inspiring (I guess thats his job haha).  He keeps me calm when I'm navigating  through the chaos of the Hamptons weekend.  He has a lot of valuable information that can be applied to all areas of my life - but the big light bulb went off when he was talking about the pain/pleasure response and that is basically how we are motivated.. Like going for the immediate pleasure of eating froyo and associating making healthy decisions with pain...I'm working on turning that around.  
Associating making good food choices with pleasure and good feelings and bad choices with pain.  
It worked for my co worker - he used to cringe every time his phone rang anticipating an annoyance or a problem - so he changed his ringtone to this happy little tune and now he loves answering the phone..or as he puts it ~ "I'm answering the shit out of this now"  Hells yes!   So now I'm trying to rewire my brain ~ easy no?

Gotta go get on the bike...Woop whoop!  
I'm definitely getting Athena tattooed for my birthday...just have to figure out where and what version of her... I almost want to have an arrow tattooed on my arm..but that is a big commitment....just saying.


  1. Good for you getting out there on your bike! I will be in Hampton Bays next week and I am not looking forward to the "summer people" traffic!

  2. How much do I love the TDF?? Sorry about your ticks warrior! Let us know how your test results go ok?

  3. Okay, I am not a big fan of tattoos- too much permanency for me or maybe I am just too old- not sure. I think one would look great and then I picture myself as being 80 and it is still there.
    I think I need to listen to this Tony Robbins. I need to change my brain! I feel so damn negative and keep trying to fake it until it changes.

  4. How did you get ATHENA from Vanessa for your blog name?
    And I love love love tattoos. I have three that I designed myself :) Rock it out.

  5. Love the challenge to tune up the pain/pleasure response and make sure healthy = pleasure. I have on rare occasions been tuned in to this, but it takes effort to turn it around for myself, since my habits are ingrained differently. For instance, I try to pay attention to how I feel after eating certain foods. If I've been eating "clean" for a while (not overeating, not lots of fatty junk) if I go off my plan and eat fast food or overeat, I try to not shame myself, but stop and really FEEL it. Usually I feel gross. So I try to rut that association into my brain ; fast food doesn't equal "treat!!" it equals "I feel gross". Then I try to at least switch the food reward next time to a smoothie or something. (ideally would be non-food reward I'm sure! Can't say I'm there yet though! )

  6. I love the idea of putting a happy ringtone on your phone. I must try that!

    And good choices as pleasure is awesome. That's how I feel when I make a good choice. I mean, sure I FEEL my sweet tooth being satisfied while I'm eating it... but afterward, I feel like shit. So that is a pain response. I like the logic, never thought of it that way. Damn that Tony Robbins, he's so awesome.