Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Brought to you by the lovely Laura ~ Check her out- she Rules!

1. Feeling better today, I'm about to get on the bike and shake out my legs.

2. Going Paddle Boarding this afternoon - I like to call it "active tanning"  but since I can't be in the sun - I'll be rocking a serious sun hat. 

3. Thought I could take today so much.

4.  Ronnie is inspiring me to try Keto - and you can do it veg too.
Check out her new blog here - she is one of the most awesome people!

5.  I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it is the middle of July already and  I have yet to spend a day at the beach.

6.  Monday night we went out to celebrate a friends b-day ~ it was awesome for many reasons but most of all - all the crazy obnoxious tourists had left so we had Cyril's to ourselves -they have a famous drink ~ the BBC - Baileys Banana Colada - toss a floater on it and all is right with the world  - I'm pretty sure it has no calories too. :)

7. I'm wondering if I'll ever pull my head out of my ass and get these last 20 pounds off ~

8. New running shoes have been ordered and I can not run until I get them so there is my excuse for that

9.  I'm trying to plan my birthday extravaganza and have a few ideas ...but nothing solid yet  - thinking of mountain biking in Montauk followed by swimming then sunset dinner on the beach? Or going to get a tattoo of Athena?  Or turning my phone off and have a tech free day - it even possible?  

10.  The tile is on the floor in the new bathroom and Mo has started to prime our new master bedroom - I am not allowed to paint -I can not color in the lines.....

Here are some photos of my week so far

Cyril's BBC

The Birthday at Cryils

Sunset Monday over Three Mile Harbor

Yep - Thats how I stay out of the sun - my office can be sunny :)

This was what was parked across from office yesterday - I think its a Lotus - looks like a toy car

Progress in the Bathroom

Evidence of Last Week's crash ...slow to go away


  1. yeow! that bruise looks bad!

  2. A banana colada sounds yummy! I say spend the day at the beach for your birthday...then get a tattoo :)

  3. I've always wanted to go paddleboarding! So cool!

    And owwww! That bruise looks nasty! :( Hope you're healing! (I had a bone bruise from a crash a few weeks ago that STILL hasn't healed. Careful, girl!)


  4. Giiiirl, that banana colada sounds AMAZING. I must have one.

    And thanks for the shout out!

    Enjoy your weekend, go to the beach if you can - if you can find some 100 spf sunblock! :)

  5. The last 20 pounds...why does it get so much harder as we near our goal? Your progress is amazing. You're gorgeous:)