Sunday, July 1, 2012

July! Its here!!!

Sunday Mass ~ Heading to Montauk for some MTB with the girls and then we are having a cannonball contest off the pier in our bike clothes ~ of course.

I can't say that there is that much excitement going on right now - just plodding along with life and enjoying the summer.

Have I mentioned that July is the best month ever?  Its the month of my birthday (really should be a national holiday)!  I'm pretty sure its Robyn's birthday month too and a few others....

Here are my top ten favorite things about July ~ 

10.  Hydrangeas!  - I love them - the big blue flowers remind me of little old ladys for some reason

9.  Beach in the evening - I try to see every sunset for the whole month 

8. Working out and mtb in the humid hot great outdoors  - my version of hot yoga - I love being drenched in sweat - its like bonus weight loss (even if it is water)

7.  Weighed in yesterday after paying no mind to food and I was down - 160 on the nose - thank you #8

6. Fireworks!  - When I am a rich woman I will spend the money and have my own private fireworks barge and set them off on tuesday evening year round just because I can

5.  Guacamole, Berries and Fresh Mozzeralla 

4.  Farm Stands!

3. Being Tan - not that I'm a lay out and tan type of girl, but I love having color on my face.

2. Tour De France!!!!  Come on Cadel!

1.  Its my Birth month - as far as I'm concerned nothing bad can happen in July - only good stuff all the time!  


  1. July rocks... My birth month too... cancers are great people.

  2. And mine. I love July. School holidays start in the UK. :o)

  3. That sounds fabulous. I need to come spend a weekend with y'all. ;)

  4. Great pictures! Happy birth month! :)

  5. I love hydrangeas..they are so pretty...and so are your pics!

  6. Yay July. It is my birthday month. And it is fitting LOVE the summer and everything about it. Love you!

  7. Ahhhh, Happy Birth Month!!!

    Great Pics!