Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Low/Rock Bottom

I was just thinking about the lowest of the low - often a good place to go when you are feeling all badass - to keep oneself in check.

This is one of the defining moments that turned my life around:
We were bowling with a few other couples and the mens XL bowling shirt wouldn't button on me.
My friends husband kept calling me "Big V" - I never thought of myself as big - it crushed me and I wanted to run out of there crying but I had to keep going.  Everytime I got up to bowl he'd yell - come on Big V or Big V's up.   Yeah that hurt.  But I want to thank him - it was defantely a moment that pushed me to change my thanks!  
I'm never going back to that "Big V" ! 
Oh and yes - I'm up at 5 am watching the Olympics on my birthday - getting ready to go road riding with the guys - 60 miles today!  picture montage to follow tomorrow ~ Whoop Whoop!

What I ate Friday
No work out - saving legs for saturday.
half of a blueberry shake
green juice ~ Kale, Cucumber, pear etc,,,
nuts from s'bux
iced soy coffee
half small bag of local sweet potato chips
guacamole small container - yum
chips ~ how else am I gonna eat guac?
protein shake **** I add green vibrance to my shake for extra veggie power***


  1. What an effing jerk. Happy birthday, Little V!

  2. Happy birthday! I hated not fitting into anything. HATED it! Love your Roadie spirit!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday! Can't wait to see the pics! :)

  4. Happy Birthday, L'il V! I like this new nickname. You have certainly earned it! Great post.

  5. Happy Birthday to you Tiny V!
    I brought hummus to work today and had no chips to go with it. How the heck am I supposed to eat hummus with no chips! A spoon? Ugh.
    Enjoy your ride.

  6. Happy Birthday to you, BAD ASS V!!!!

  7. Happy birthday, girl! Your 60 miles puts my lil' ol 17 km ride last week to shame!!! Keep rockin' out!

  8. I think V stands for victory. Very inspirational.