Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bikini and Nutrition Appointment ~ REcap!

First off ~ Hi Christina!  ~ she's my nutritionist.  She rocks and reminded my how far I've come!
The last time we saw each other I was being wheeled out of the hospital high as kite laughing all the way.  When we saw each other last night I saw her eyes well up and she couldn't believe how I looked.  Wow ~ that was pretty cool - I had just spent two hours beating myself up in dressing rooms at Target that I was a 10 and not an 8!  Gives you some perspective!

So our meeting was good - I came clean with the truth and she wasn't mad or shocked ~ just gave me some good ideas that I'll try tonight - Tofu fruit kabobs ~ yum - I'll post more about that after I try.
We also talked about eliminating dairy - yes the farm fresh cheese has got go - I'll be wearing black and sitting shiva on that one.

She said with the amount of exercise I do she wasn't worried about me eating a little bit of sweets ~ um como say what?  - If she's not worried - then I won't be and maybe I won't stress over it.  I need to focus more on protein - edamame, chick peas and beans and rice are where I need to be - and prep prep prep - This lazy ass has got to go shopping and plan ahead. 

She also encouraged me to come to the meetings and give support to her other patients ...I feel like I would end up going all Jillian or Banded Wendy on these sad sacks that get the band and don't exercise and drink milk shakes and then bitch about the band  ~ I'm pretty sure I would be all "Bitch Please - its not a frikken magic band - you gotsta to do the work!!!"  If you exercise for 21 days I guarantee that you will crave it and never look back  Ok - off the soap box now - 
I was surprised that I am the exception and not that many have done as well with the band...I def attribute it to exercise and loving the type of exercise I do - oh and not living near taco bell. 
Overall the appointment went well - I'm back on track today about to go for a run.

Oh and I'm having a photo shoot for the drs calendar in October - so its an 8 week push to goal....giddyup!

Before my appt ~ I went bathing suit shopping....shocking result.

Here is some visual wonder for you ~ 

Morning of surgery ~ I took a pic of pic - you can't really see but you can make out the girth...

Morning of Surgery

Stopped in to visit Bonfire - cutest pony ever!

Suit #1 ~ the shirt on the wall came home w/me too 13$!

Suit #2

Suit #3 - Winner!!! Board Shorts rock!

Because everyone eats taco bell after buying a bikini!  WTF!

mmmmmm. I only ate half - thanks lap band!


  1. Yo quiero taco bell. lol

    Glad the appointment went well. I think you SHOULD go to the meeting and bash the lazy suckas over the head - maybe that's what they need!

  2. I agree with Ronnie, maybe seeing someone soooo successful will motivate them. Maybe you can knock some sense into them! Love the swimsuit :)

  3. OK, damn woman you are a hottie!! I think that is the first before picture I have ever seen of you, wow. I am without words and that doesn't happen very often.

    I know what you mean about the people that get the band and don't exercise. You can totaly pick them out of the group. What shocks me is that most of them almost seem proud of the fact that they don't exercise and act like I am the freak for swimming/running several times a week.

  4. I stopped going to support groups for the same reason. They'd near, "My name is Amy and I've lost XXX pounds" and they'd be all "ohhhh" and "ahhhh"ing. Seriously. Follow the band rules and then come back and complain if they don't work. If you can't tell me what you ate yesterday, there's a problem. LOG IT. :) I hear ya. And you're lookin' damn good!

  5. You must've been shopping in riverhead! My kids love Taco Not so much! You look great in the BS and I agree about the gotta learn to love it or deal with the consequences!

  6. You look smokin hot in swimsuit!! I liked the board shorts best too. Mmmmm, Taco Bell. I have only had it once in 8 months, but I still think about it frequently :)

  7. wow! you look awesome! you are truly an inspiration!!!!

  8. 1> you look amazing in those suits.
    2> Yes, Taco Bell is a neccessary item post swimsuit and jeans shopping. the end.

  9. You look fabulous.

    I wish we could go to support group together and be all Jillian and Banded Wendy.....

    You know how I feel about exercise.

    And Taco Bell?...yes, please.

  10. Yay!! #3 was my fav too. Great choice. And Taco Bell is evil. #2 only to Ice Cream. I agree about the exercise... once you start it gets addicting. I am still in the stage of making a habit. I WILL do it! ;)

  11. K, I'm sorry, but YOU NEED TO GET DOWN WITH YOUR BAD ASS SELF!!!!!!!!!!!! Vanessa, you are a huge, huge inspiration. I am beyond thrilled for you - and I totally agree about the exercise. Find something you love [admittedly, this can be hard!] and just do it! As for Taco Bell, all I can say is, thank god they don't really have them in Canada. I always say, it tastes amazing while it's in your mouth, but once you swallow, it's all, that sounded know what I mean! You are smoking hot, gurl. Celebrate the size 10 - you rock!

  12. You look Fan-freaking-tastic! Look at all that hard work. Stop kicking yourself in the ass and keep kicking ass!
    The swimsuit is more than epic! You go girl. And who wouldn't buy that adorable shirt for $13?