Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ten things Thursday!

Thanks Laura!  My favorite day of the week is here!!

1.  Got my new sneakers so I'm heading out for my first run in what seems like forever - gonna squeak out 3 miles...

2. I finally went to the beach this week ~ It was so nice to plunk down on the beach with a good friend and a lot of Cosmo quizzes - like junk food for the brain

3.  Went in the ocean and swam - ahhh - so thats why everyone vacations here -

4.  I have to remember to treat my life like i'm on vacation with a bit of work thrown in not the other way around....

5.  Went road riding 2x so far this week - rode in traffic and conquered a big fear of mine...

6.  Damn if those Tony Robbins tapes aren't helping!

7.  I am so thankful to be working with a person that really pushes me outside of my comfort zone - I need to grow a bigger set and he is totally helping me do that
- I always operate from a place of wanting to people to like me and making them happy - in this business that is a bad place to come from - I have to start asking for what I want and going for it.  This carries over to all areas of my life!

8. Met up with my two oldest friends yesterday at a horse show in Sagaponack ~ It was nice to see everyone and so good not to have to stay and work!

9. The 1% is just fine this summer - that I know for sure

10.  If you get a chance - ck out Amy's Blog My Bohemian Burble - she is super cool and positive!

11a - I leave you with photos from my week - because I love my iphone and cant stop with the pictures!
Road Bike on Subaru  ~ The Subs was all confused..

My friends named their house - the WTF ranch.

This is Seamus - 6mo old bassett ~ he needs a home..

Seamus needs a forever home - my friend's foster 
Random text working on my holy shit list - still trying to meet the dali lama!!

My office on Tuesday

These weigh like nothing ~ heading out in 2 mins for the maiden voyage!

Me n the girls at the Sag horse show


  1. Poor Seamus. I love Bassetts. I would adopt him if it wasn't for the whole living on another continent thing.

  2. #4 - I love that. Great way to live!

    Love all the pics. You look so tiny in the last pic. :D

  3. ah I want seamus...if I didn't live so far away! Love your chique

  4. Love the pic of your office on Tuesday...I could totally handle working there :)

  5. number 4...word

    Love the random text message.

  6. LMFAO!!! love the name of the ranch!