Tuesday, July 3, 2012

HSL Tuesday

~ Tuesdays are a departure from the Weight Loss theme ~
I have a Holy Shit List that I'm working on and Tuesday is progress day - you can read about it more HERE

This is my original List - with notes 
Here they are in no particular order ~

1. Maintain a "normal" weight for the rest of my life  ~ Been MTB a ton this week and eating fresh fruit and starting Keto - thanks Ronnie 

2. Live in Indonesia for a few years ~I have a client who lives there 80% of the time - good place to start gathering info on how/when/why and what to do...

3. Learn how to fly a plane

4. Make 10 Million Dollars - got a check this week from work - its a start! 

5. Own 20 income producing properties

6. Meet the Dali Lama and have a meaningful conversation with him

7. Fly First Class 

8. Make a difference in 10 peoples lives ~ I guess this is already in motion b/c of my blog ...I'm still working on this.

9. Anonymously give away 10 million dollars ~ I have been telling everyone I know about this plan - I'm thinking of calling it RAK - random acts of kindness.  I'll just have to start a spread sheet to keep track of the $  that I give away.  And I guess since its anonymous I'll be pretty vague here about the progress....:)

10. Retire Mo :) so he can play golf every day - being more proactive with work - I am such a pussy when it comes to going after what I want - because I want people to like me.   That has to stop- not that I want to be an ass or anything just more self confident. 

I am reminded of this quote from The Boiler Room 
"Pick up your skirt, grab your balls and lets go make some money!"

Sunset July First


  1. Did you find any more good info on vegetarian keto, if you're still planning on doing it? :)

    It looks super yummy!