Thursday, July 26, 2012


4:45 alarm ~ Taking in coffee to wake up.
This is freedom because I am up at this hour to meet friends for a Road ride.  We are meeting at 6 - a few miles from my house.   
Its not my birthday yet but this is one of my gifts from a good friend.  She wanted to take me for a mani pedi (which we may still do) but I really wanted to go for a ride with her instead.

I have been thinking lately about the freedoms that I have now. My favorite freedom is the freedom to do anything without wondering am I too fat to do this? will everyone be staring at me? Will I hold everyone back?  Freedom from hunger, from that voice in my head that is the sad sack voice that feels sorry for herself.  

I've been helping a friend with the process of getting a band.  She is just in the beginning stages of insurance approval and discovering what its all about.  My two pieces of advice to her:
EXERCISE every day for a minim of an hour - do something -I don't care if its walking the dog or running through a sprinkler on your front yard - just move - find something you love and do it every day until can't imagine not doing it every day!
My second piece of advice - Start Blogging and reading everyone's story - thats where you get a real feel for what its really like - and I told her to watch Bandedwendy and newtoy4kt on you tube.
What are the two pieces of advice/info you would tell someone who was beginning the journey?

PS - I'm on Daily mile - who else is on there - I'd love to follow you guys and cheer you on!

What I ate yesterday
5K run
Chickpeas with spices - I just rinse them off from the can and bring em to work to snack on
Portobello mushrooms from the inside of a sandwich
S'bux Protein Shake
half of a veggie protein sausage
chips and cheese *bad call*
Protein shake 
*** summary - need to prepare dinner options in the morning so I stay away from cheese and chips!!**
Missing veggies here.....


  1. Reading everyone's story and watching the videos really helped me in the beginning. I would also say be sure you have support...rather it's at a support group, from other bloggers, friends, etc.

  2. I love that my weight doesn't hold me back anymore!

  3. I am on daily mile but the miles aren't moving right now.

  4. I love the youtube community. If I wasn't such a socially awkward penguin, I would totally be doing that rather than blogging... but such is life.

    I really have no idea what I'd tell your friend. Eat your big meal of the day at noon, and eat light for dinner... helps with the weigh-ins! lol