Sunday, July 29, 2012

Birthday Recap! In Photos

Yesterday I biked 65 miles ( strava says 61 - b/c I accidentally shut off the garmin by accident at one point) - it wasn't a beach day so I spent the whole afternoon in a post ride stooper  watching the olympics and laying around.  Then went to my BFFs house - she made me cake and we munched on fresh mozzarella and tomatoes... yum!  Kept it very low key - the best part of the day was spending 4.5 hours on the bike without having to be anywhere or worry about work! pure heaven.  -
the 3600 calorie burn wasn't bad either! 
Happy Sunday! - get your ass up and out there and do something for yourself!

Me and Sammy in our post ride lounge position!

MY Birthday pres - 90% finished new bathroom

I will be visiting this ring - its 8 carrot ruby and costs 350,000.   - next year!

Mo!  Toasting the birthday girl!

Cake and Card - yay!

Half way!  Made it to Montauk!  
I just thought this was cool!


  1. Looks like a great day. Maybe we can meet up next year around this time for a dual celebration.

  2. um yes - just grab me one of those rings while you're at it. Happy Bday babe!

  3. Awesome job!! Happy Birthday!

  4. I'm sorry, but no ruby is worth $350k unless it's got a 5 karat canary diamond in the center. That thing better be FLAWLESS! lol

  5. Happy birthday-0--love the bathroom!

  6. Yes for 65 miles! You're awesome!