Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Wow!  Thanks for all the props on yesterday's post.  I love you all long time!  

So keeping with the plan that Christina and I came up with, I'm going to post what I eat - not calories because that shit makes me crazy and I get all binged out from it.

Yesterday ~ Started off with a gu  and 2.5 mile run through the hood - it was sooo humid - blech!
Did the chick pea thing when I got to work - and wow ~ I was full most of the day.
Snacked on watermelon
Had a strawberry soy smoothie sans protein powder from s'bux ~ I added my own soy protein 
Ment to grill that tofu fruit kabob - but it started to rain here and instead, I had to finish that loaf of mozzarella (sorry)  - no mas I swear!  Then I snacked on some tortilla chips...while watching the Real House Wives of NYC - not my proudest moment of the day 
Forgot to add that I made another protein shake at home. 
Had a glass of skinny girl margarita to finish the night off....note to self - this stuff makes me feel sick - do not drink anymore.. boooo

Christina (my nutritionist sent me this email below)  Breathing is the hardest thing for me - mostly because I hate the sound of breathing but thats a whole different post - but hey I'll try anything to conquer the sugar monster . 

I have a few more ideas about your sugar cravings. Sugar=carbohydrates=energy for us. So with the INSANE workouts you do, your body may be craving some carbs at times. Don't stress about your sugar cravings. Every once in a while is just fine. Also- I do have a doctor friend at work who is a yogi/guru/70 year old man who is in better shape than many 17 year olds, and he told me to spend a lot of time focusing on breathing (oxygen) which is the molecule in carbohydrates which helps to form energy. Practice taking deep breaths and focus on that to provide you with focus on not self-sabotaging and truly- don't panic about craving sugar. You're human. 


  1. Good job. Today will be even better. I don't hate the sound of breathing...but I dispise the sound of people chewing. OMG...totally grosses me out.

  2. I need to focus on breathing too. Thanks for the reminder. What is the "chick pea" thing. I am intrigued.

  3. Sounds like great advice - and, honestly, a pretty normal day for any person. Why can't we all just eat whatever we want and stay thin? :'(