Friday, July 27, 2012

10 things Friday ~ because I can!

1. ~ Tomorrow is my birthday - yes!!! best day of the year!

2. For my birthday ~ my friend Kevin and I are going on a long road ride and will be trying to win certain road sections on STRAVA - dorky yes, but fun...hells yes!  Strava is a super cool app where you can race your friends on certain stretches of road and win points...

3.  Yesterday went "up island" with a mission - get a tattoo.  Turns out there was a 3 hour wait on a Thursday?? And Athena is going to take up my whole side...may have to rethink this plan...

4.  Was with my BF and her hubby on the road trip yesterday - we had one of those random days where you drive a lot and crack up along the way!  We got some taco bell (I got stuck after two bites...balls) then we went to the fiat dealer - such cute cars - I think they are going to get one.

5. Still off the sugar!  Almost went for frozen yogurt last night but overcame the urge - every time I say no - it gets easier

6.  51 Miles on the road yesterday - pretty frikkin cool!

7. Renovation is just about done and we are moving back into our bedroom tonight and will be using the new bathroom if I can find a curtain rod... - it takes two weeks for the shower glass to come in..

8. Tomorrow's plan - Road Ride early, run 5K with a friend then off to the beach (in bikini) and BBQ at a friends house.  Last year I weighed 181 this year I'm hovering around 160 ~ 20 pounds less!

9. Bought some lotto tickets yesterday...drawing is tomorrow night....fingers crossed.

10.  Is it weird that I don't feel like drinking alcohol?  I'm just not that into it these days.... 

10a. Olympics start today!!!  I always wanted to be in the olympics....maybe 2016 for Mountain Biking...or Badminton...I'm not too particular...

What I ate Thursday -
gu x 2
Road ride 51 miles
protein shake
three bites of taco bell
small bag of chex mix
2 slices of provolone - low fat
1 baby bell cheese -low fat
1 veggie hot dog
protein shake


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!

    I would love to spend my birthday on the beach ... maybe next year.

  2. Happy, happy birthday!!! I hope it is filled with fabulosity!

  3. Happy happy birthday!!! hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. I LOVE BIRTHDAYS! You are a badass roadie, just sayin'! Why does "stuck after 3 bites" happen with friends?

  5. #3 - WTF. Can't wait to see it. Your bday is the second best day of the year cuz my birthday is the first best day of the year! Hahahaha. xoxo

  6. thanks for always including what you ate. Its very helpful.