Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday ~ Nutrition Appointment

Wow ~ This weekend flew by.  Here is a little re-cap...
Thursday - Super long day worked until 7pm
Friday Mountain Bike at 6am ~ work all day until 8pm
Saturday - Fireworks at the beach by my house - best day of the year!!
Sunday - took a mental health day ~ 
~ Cleaned the house then spent the rest of the day at the beach - then had fresh pesto pasta with friends
~ a perfect day

Tonight I have an appointment with the nutritionist at my Drs office. I'm hoping she can help me because shit has been out of control!  As soon as the weather got cooler here, my band loosened up and I got really hungry!  I've also been feeling like a lazy ass.  Maybe she has some good advice for supplements and new ideas for nutrition. I'm not counting on it as every time I went before surgery, she didn't have that much to offer and I was educating her on vegetarian/vegan dishes.  I think that the nutritionists that work at the weight loss clinic are so used to working with people that live on McDonalds and Applebees that they have standard answers and ideas and most of the ideas involve chicken and eggs and and processed foods.  I guess we shall see this evening..and wile I'm there, I may just happen to fall into to TARGET and happen to acquire a sun dress or too...
Stay tuned for the results...
And here is my photo montage from the weekend....

This is my fantasy out door living room - this house is for sale for 2.4M

Boats filling the harbor for fireworks

Waiting for the fireworks

I never get tired of taking this shot

Yep thats an 8foot sand shark one of the fisherman found in his trap where we swim - eek!

Waiting for fireworks - I may be a little drunk...

yesterday at the ocean - perfection 

Ta daaaa!  New Bathroom!  Just waiting on the glass and fixtures and its done!


  1. Nice job on the bathroom! Looks great! Let us know about the nutritionist visit.

  2. Good luck with the nutritionist, I think you are right though. Not a lot of people that eat healthy and work out seek out their assistance for advice that they end up a little verkelpt (or however you spell it).

    I love the hat, hope you find some cute dresses to go with it

  3. Let us know what the nutritionist says! I'm so jealous that you live in such an amazing place! The bathroom looks awesome!

  4. That shark is SUPER creepy! But it looks like you had a fun time! :)


  5. I love the new bathroom - looks very minimalistic and chic! Sounds like you had a great time watching your fireworks.

    And if I do become a nutritionist, I will school this lady on vegetarianism. Ridic that she knows so little.

  6. I miss water. Looks so peaceful. :)

  7. Wow I want that bathroom! Absolutely stunning.
    That sand shark looks seriously scary, could have been in jaws that scary!!
    Good luck with the nutritionist, looking forward to hearing about it.

  8. Good luck with the food lady!
    The beach is AWESOME! I'm jealous!
    The bathroom, is beautiful! And Always nice when construction is over.