Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Fever

Yes - I've got it bad! I'm almost delusional..

I have always loved the Olympics.  This year I am obsessed.  Last night I wondered - out loud  and dead seriously "can an obese lap bander become an olympian?"  Mo looked at me like I had 8 heads.
I'm still kinda young....36.  Every few years I "age out" of a sport.  At 18 it dawned on me that I would never be a gymnast.  At 22 I knew I would never be a track star.  At  28 my podium finish for the 400m freestyle dreams were crushed - as you can see with each new games I was out a sport - in the back of my mind I keep curling and equestrian events as my safety sports.  But last night I fiercely and proudly proclaimed to all in my presence - Mo, Eddie and Sammy - that here before them was an olympian.  Yes - Rio 2016 - For Mountain Biking.  I will be 40.  I have never raced in a UCI sanctioned event but why the hell not shoot for the stars!

Not me - this is an actual olympian ~ Judy Freeman
In other weightloss news....
I had a small slice of b-day cake - I didn't even want it but I thought I should have it.  Dammit!  Sent me into a sugar spiral yesterday.  Today back to white knuckle sugar detox to get back on track...
I am so sensitive to that shit!  grrrrr

What I ate yesterday -
Protein Shake
small bag of chocolate chips
4 slices of fried zucchini
b-day cake
2 small pieces of chocolate
blood orange margarita - damn that was good!
miso soup
avocado salad
few bites of cookielicious - insanely good!

Turning this around now.....


  1. Must have recipe for this avocado salad. Also, you can do anything you set your mind to, honey badger!

  2. Yikes, do I ever know what you mean about not exercising post-binge....I ate 5 cookies for breakfast (don't judge...hahah) and then went to Jazzercise. Felt like total crapola the whole time. Lesson learned.

    PS: A Lap-Bander can be whatever they want to be (except enlist in the US Military...yeah, they don't like us WLS peeps). I know you'll do whatever you set your mind to!

  3. Happy belated birthday!!

    Heck, you could be ther first female Tour de France winner!!

  4. You are such a bad ass! Seriously. Race!

  5. You are a bad ass! I'd love to see you in the olympics! No good on the post binge exercise, hurts like the devil! :)

  6. I have been a little obsessed with the olympics too. Yesterday I made The Rockstar pretend like we were in the olympics racing in the pool. I think he let me win just so I wouldn't make hime keep doing it until I won gold :)

  7. YOU should race! Hell, WE should race! Bad ass Barbie style! :)

    And I'm obsessed with the Olympics too. Or rather, Ryan Lochte abs.... Mmmhmm!


  8. The Olympics kick arse! I will totally fly out to Rio to cheer you on.

  9. I'm totally addicted to the Olympics this year!