Friday, July 6, 2012

Ten things Thursday ~ yup its friday

Thanks to the gorgeous Laura Belle we have Ten Things Thursday!!

1. Had an awesome 4th of July - went mtb - then jumped in the bay to cool off then pulled on a sun dress and went to a bbq and out for drinks!  

2. Had an epic crash while mtb - ended up over the handle bars and face first into a thorn bush bad ass!  My strapless sundress was accented by bruises and bloody scrapes - not gonna lie - it looks better than jewelry!

3. My band is tight - but in a good way.

4.  Been mtb every day and 2x yesterday - saw 159.2 on the scale yesterday - I heart summer!

5. The tile guy is starting today ~  progress in the bathroom - yay!

6. I know that Edys slow churned frozen yogurt should not be a food group but damn I love that shit!

7. Been watching the Tour de France while eating said Fro Yo - I need to keep my calories up while
 cheering the boys on ~ duh

8.  I need a couple new sun dresses and another swim suit - will have to go shopping this weekend some how

9.  This weekend is about to be crazy - not only is every douche bag on the planet visiting the Hamptons this week but my biz partner is going out of town so I'm handling all the biz ...its all good - every day is an adventure - right

10.  This about sums up the douchebaggery - my friend posted this on FB  "Hey trophy wife learn how to drive your sugar daddy's five speed. Bucking down main street doesn't count."!
10a.  There is so much bad driving going on here I want to put bumpers all the way around my car...
10b. The car porn around here is sick - Bentleys, Ferraris, Aston martins, Maseratis, and lambos, lotus and my favorite the Audi R8 - sick! 
10c - If you are going to spend all the tax payers money (yes 90 % of the DBs are bankers) on performance vehicles why in the hell do you drive 20 miles under the speed limit?  I mean, if I have to tailgate you in a Subaru you don't deserve to have that many horses under your hood

11 - sorry random venting - it is just horrible how many people cram into our small town and the general attitude is self centered and obnoxious....
11a - that is why I take to the woods on my MTB - the city folk are terrified of the woods!  Ha!

Here is my photo journal for the week

Navy Beach for the 4th - cool bar 

Yup - thats the Subaru next to a Ferrari - which wasn't locked and had the windows  down

My friends house with the fire pit going - I love summer

Got my Hair Did...Chopped it and got new highlights - looking less sasquatchy and more human these days

Thats the thorn in my gums - after the crash - sweet

Tha girls at the BBQ

Navy beach - sunset - 4th of july

Found this old photo - thats me on the right - I used to get paid to do that - ride horses on the ocean...


  1. You are a BAD ASS....a thorn in your mouth!!!

    Yeah on the low number on the scale. I agree Summer Rocks.

    Enjoy the car porn!!!

  2. Damn, girlfriend. I hope you got that thing outta there safely! That being said, youse a boss. I would have enjoyed a few scrapes and bruises myself, I do love showin' em off. ;)

  3. total bad ass...thorn in mouth--you rock!

  4. Of course Fro-Yo is a food group! And progress in the bathroom is always a good thing with us banded ladies:)
    Love the MTB crash! Such a bad-A!

  5. Sorry about the crash, but that thron in your gums does totally make you look bad ass. I love Edy's too! Love the hair foil pic!

  6. Thorn in the gums?!? HowTF does that happen?!?! LOL that's a GREAT story to tell though! Congrats on the scale! :)

  7. How the holy hell did you get a thorn in your mouth? Were you screaming/laughing as you flew into the bush? That is extreme bad-assery there chicka. Love the TDF. /nod Need to stop eating chocolate and maybe eat Fro-yo while watching. It's a plan!