Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Weigh in

Last Week ~ 162.4
This Week ~ 161.8
Loss - .6 
I'll take it - Its not the 2 pounds I was hoping for - but I know if I want the big losses I have to knock it off with the food and salt.

This morning - Ran 5K in cold damp weather - I didn't want to do it but felt great after - a wise woman once said - you will never regret a work out or run or any exercise.  That's the truth - it set me up for a good day.

I have a family dinner tonight at Grandma's house - I know I won't be drinking because I have to drive.  Food wise...I'll just say no to crackers and cheese and puff pastry apps...and the rest will take care of itself.

I'm going to make Wednesday my official weigh in as I have joined the Holiday Challenge ~ so hopefully I can get a pound more off by then.    

I have to say once again how much I love having all my favorite bloggers back (cat!) and fired up to lose over the holiday - except Ronnie...where did that girl go off too?  Honey Badger must be busy these days....You all are a huge part of my success

Have a great rest of the weekend ladies!


  1. Glad you are in the holiday challenge, too!

  2. yay! you're already on a roll!

  3. How did I miss this post?? Oh that's right, I was busy this weekend and had little time for blogging. Back today though and WOO HOO girly. So proud of your loss. Aren't WE the badasses getting shit under control again right around the holidays. Go us. /nod

  4. I know right..I miss Ronnie too!