Thursday, December 13, 2012


Hi.   My Favorite Day of the week...oh how I love randomness...

1.  Tonight is my company holiday party...its a big deal at a fancy country club. I  am wearing the same dress I wore to last year's awards dinner... that to me is cooler than buying a new dress.  Just being able to fit into the same dress a year - so cool!

2.  I'm pretty sure its going to be a very late night - involving a taxi ride to a friends house at the end of the nite....I'm on the fence ..I actually feel kinda wiped out and not much like drinking as if I were pledging phi beta alpha omega mooo.  But thats  subject to change

3.  I have TRX tonight - looking forward to the burn

4. Made cookies again last night and ate like crap...I basically forced myself to celebrate with food - why?  I wasn't into it but felt I should...crazy.

5. We got our one xmas decoration - a bottle of Baileys...classy

6.  I'm anti holiday - I just don't see the point of spending money on a dead tree or on a bunch of crap to give to people...bah humbug.

7.  Change is a coming to our life...there is lots of turmoil and drama here I just hope I can hang out  and make it safely to the life boat as the ship is going down.

8. I miss having money - My very close friend  does very very well for herself - I'm happy for her - its inspiring to know its possible and she is more than generous with her riches...but more wealth here would be nice...

9.  Bay Scallops - yummmmm  - mo made some last night....delish.

10.  I would like to go back to bed now.  


  1. I love scallops...and I too wish I had more money! I miss it!

  2. Have fun at the party tonight, sounds like you could use a fun night out.

    I do agree with you about Christmas though, I am the kind of person that buys things for people I care about all year long. No decorations either, it makes my crazy dog very nervous.

  3. Well have a drink for me! being prego puts a huge damper on holiday party fun :(
    Agreed, scallops =yum! and everyone I think could use more time in bed this morning. I know I could!

  4. ITA about Christmas. But I think, for me, it's because I never really put anything into generating holiday spirit. Get what I give, I guess. I heart scallops. Period. Change is good. Change got you the band. :-) Fingers crossed for safe passage. One day at a time. One hour at a time, if need be.

  5. Im with you on the anti-holiday but since I have a child I pull some spirit outta my butt and suffer thru the season! Yummy scallops!!! Ditto on the money!

  6. Have fun at your party tonight! I think I'm going to join this TTT to give me something to write about :)